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Costs (fees and expenses)

In the Digital Picture Archive you will find photos, aerial photos and posters of the Federal Archives and photos of the Federal Press and Information Office. The use of images from the Federal Archives is governed by the Federal Archives Cost Regulation (Bundesarchiv-Kostenverordnung - BArchKostV) of 29 September 1997 (BGBl. I p. 2380), amended by article 4 paragraph 36 of the law of 18 July 2016 (BGBl. I p. 1666).

Below you will find the most important provisions of the BArchKostV (the Federal Archives Cost Regulation is originally written in German! In the event of any differences in meaning between the original German version and the English translation, the original German version takes precedence!):

§ 1 Scope of application
For the use of archival material of the Federal Archives, fees and expenses are charged in accordance with this Regulation.

§ 2 Fees and expenses
Fees and expenses are determined in accordance with the attached list of fees and expenses.

§ 3 Obligations of the fee debtor
On request of the Federal Archives, the user must provide the information necessary for determining the fee.

§ 4 Exemption from duty, remission
(1) No fees will be charged for oral and basic written information.
(2) Exemption from fees is also granted for scientific use in accordance with the list of fees and expenses
1. No. 1.1 and 1.2,
2. No. 3, if no more than one hour of working time is required.
(3) The Federal Archives may waive the fee specified in No. 4.11 for a circulation of less than 500 copies.

No. Chargeable act Charges  in Euro
  I. Use of archival materials of the Federal Archives  
1.1 1. Maps, posters, pictures or other archival material, whose use requires special effort, per commenced day 28,12
  III. Processing of enquiries  
3 Written information or search for archival and library material per half an hour 15,34
  IV. Publishing archival material  
  1. Publications in print or on electronic storage media per reproduction for one circulation  
4.11 a) up to 3,000 copies 15,34
4.12 b) up to 5.000 copies 25,56
4.13 c) up to25.000 copies 35,79
4.14 d) up to50.000 copies 46,02
4.15 e) up to100.000 copies 61,36
4.16 f) up to 150.000 copies 92,03
4.17 g) up to300.000 copies 122,71
4.18 h) more than 300.000 copies 178,95
  New editions, reprints, translations or licensed editions are treated as new publications. In the case of simultaneous publication in print and on CD-ROM, a discount of 50% is granted for the CD-ROM edition.  
  2. TV broadcasts, video productions or cinematographic works per provided reproduction  
4.21 a) local 5,11
4.22 b) regional 15,34
4.23 c) national 25,56
4.24 d) europa-wide 40,90
4.25 e) worldwide 76,69
  3. Insertion in online services per reproduction  
4.31 a) one week 25,56
4.32 b) one month 38,35
4.33 c) three months 76,69
4.34 d) six months 115,04
4.35 e) one year 191,73

You can download the complete Federal Archives Cost Regulation (Bundesarchiv-Kostenverordnung) as PDF file (only in german language).

Royalties for the use of photos of the Federal Press and Information Office

Royalties of the Federal Press and Information Office will be generated automatically for registered users in their cart or may be arranged directly with the Federal Press and Information Office. For more information, please call +49 (0)30 18 272-2186 or -2345 or send an e-mail to The royalties depend on the medium, type and scope of use, which must be specified. If no other agreement has been made, the royalties will be charged in accordance with the applicable rates of the Federal Press and Information Office. To calculate these rates, the royalties of the Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto-Marketing (MFM) in the respective valid version apply. If the customer does not provide precise information, the Federal Press and Information Office is entitled to charge a blanket royalty.